Aperitif - Happy Hour

Aperitif or happy hour?

Summer, fall, winter, spring.... is always the right season to take an apertivo! What could be better than sipping a drink accompanied by appetizers and talking about this and that?

Apertivo is the most beloved ritual of Italians, a pleasant moment of the day to be spent in company after work or in leisure time. Outside or inside the clubs, the desire for sociability quivers in the hearts of Italians where between one spritz and another we confide, joke and often fall in love!

Becoming an all-Tricolor phenomenon of custom, with the arrival of the Happy Hour from Anglo-Saxon countries, the aperiticvo has been increasingly modified, gradually losing its original customs.

Drink after drinks arrive in the squares in the present day, where spritzes, cocktails and beers ferment among the people, enlivening the pre-dinner in clubs across the boot. The evolution of this tradition has led to innovation in the preparation of drinks and cicchetti variche have become more and more refined and elaborate.

In place of a few snacks during happy hour we find sandwiches, toast, canapés, small sandwiches, cocktail pizzas and bruschetta. Mini portions of pasta, vegetables and many finger foods can also be eaten, for an aperitif that becomes a substitute for dinner in its own right: theapericena is born.

Have fun everyone!

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