Wine and spirits accessories

In the world of oenology, every detail counts. Wine and spirit accessories are not mere objects, but essential tools that enrich the tasting experience and turn it into a sophisticated and sophisticated ritual, both to be observed and enjoyed. 



Accessories for wine and spirits originated in the time of the Egyptians, who already practised the art of distillation. Over the centuries, the culture of wine and spirits has evolved, enriching itself with traditions and practices that have made tasting a true ritual. Between 1400 and 1500, the Dutch revolutionised the world of wine and spirits, which was mainly French and Spanish, helping to shape winemaking as we know it today. 


Wine accessories have evolved from simple functional tools into true objects of design and luxury: these tools, such as wine decanters, thermometers, special stoppers and corkscrews, not only preserve the organoleptic properties of the wine, but also become an expression of a refined and detail-oriented lifestyle.


The most commonly used accessories for tasting wine and spirits are essential to fully appreciate their organoleptic characteristics. For wine, indispensable accessories include:

  • Corkscrews & bottle openers. Essential for opening wine bottles and available in various models, from classic to professional, modern corkscrews are true design objects that reflect the personality and style of their owner. Giannini's designer corkscrews and bottle openers stand out as symbols of elegance and practicality: these objects, more than mere utensils, are true table jewels, designed to add a touch of style and refinement to any event. Designer corkscrews and bottle openers are not just useful tools, but become witnesses of special moments and tangible memories of unforgettable days. 

  • Wine Decanter. The wine decanter is an elegant and functional accessory, indispensable for wine lovers who wish to enhance the organoleptic qualities of their favourite wines. This instrument, often made of crystal or blown glass, is designed to optimise the oxygenation of wine and separate it from sediments that may have formed during ageing. Decanters with a very wide base are ideal for young, tannic red wines, as they promote greater exposure to oxygen, while those with a narrow neck are more suitable for aged wines, limiting oxygenation and preserving delicate aromas.
  • Goblets. Wine glasses are a crucial element in the art of wine tasting, being designed not only to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of each wine variety, but also to add a touch of elegance and refinement to the experience. The choice of the right glass is determined by the type of wine to be served, as shape and size influence the perception of aromas and flavours. For example, young, fresh white wines are best appreciated in glasses with a medium opening that directs the wine towards the tip of the tongue, sensitive to sweetness, and the sides, more sensitive to acidity. Red wines, full-bodied and mature, require a wide balloon goblet to allow proper oxygenation and develop aromatic complexity. 

  • Wine thermometer. The wine thermometer is an essential tool for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike as it allows each wine to be served at its ideal temperature, which is essential to fully appreciate its aromas and flavours. 

  • Wine-saving pump. The wine-saving pump is an indispensable tool for wine lovers who wish to preserve the freshness and organoleptic qualities of an open bottle. This simple and ingenious accessory allows air to be sucked out of the bottle, creating a vacuum that significantly slows down the wine oxidation process. Wine-saving pumps are generally accompanied by one or more replacement corks, which fit hermetically around the neck of the bottle, guaranteeing optimal preservation of the wine for up to 10 days. The use of a wine-saving pump also demonstrates a focus on quality and tasting pleasure, making it a valuable addition to any wine accessory collection.

For spirits, however, the most commonly used accessories include:

  • Distillate glasses. Spirit glasses are carefully designed to enhance the unique characteristics of each type of spirit: from shape to size, every detail is designed to enhance the tasting experience. For example, tulip glasses are ideal for single malt whiskies, as their narrow, elongated shape concentrates the aromas towards the nose, intensifying the olfactory sensations. Tumbler glasses, on the other hand, with their wide opening and heavy base, are perfect for whiskies on the rocks or for spirits that do not require intense olfactory analysis. For cognac and armagnac, balloon glasses are the best choice, as their wide shape allows the warmth of the hand to warm the distillate, thus releasing the complex aromas. Finally, the narrower and taller grappa glasses are designed to highlight the purity and finesse of this Italian distillate. Each glass is a combination of functionality and design, an invitation to enjoy the distillate not only with the palate, but also with the eyes and nose.

Wine and spirit accessories are not just tools: each piece encapsulates the art and passion of tasting, turning every sip into an unforgettable experience. Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your collection: choose a design and quality accessory to celebrate the pleasure of wine and spirits. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty and functionality of these unique objects and make every tasting an unparalleled experience.

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