'At Table with the Queen' Endless' most popular artwork

First exhibited in 2012 on the streets of London, 'Lizzy Vuiotton' is undoubtedly Endless' most popular artwork amongst collectors and fans, and continues to be one of the artist's most iconic works. Much of Endless' ideas stem from social observations, with themes such as branding, advertising, wealth and religion recurring heavily in his work.

Lizzu Vuitton was born out of Endless's desire to create a work of art that combined his admiration for Queen Elizabeth II with the mantra 'Brand Worship', referencing his observations on popular culture. Considering the Queen "the fashion icon par excellence" and "a brand in her own right", Endless created a work of art to celebrate Her Majesty's long reign, winking at her beloved royal style. In keeping with her style, artwork aesthetic and key messages, ENdless decorated the Queen's fur shawl with her own version of a branded motif, symbolising the epitome of luxury and with which 'Lizzy Vuitton' was immortalised.

Endless experimented with various designs and styles, with the most popular interaction depicting the Queen making a humorous gesture with her tongue. In contrast to the original royal portrait, this one references the British punk movement, which Endless is known to have brought to life in other artworks.

Lizzy Vuitton has travelled seamlessly from the streets to canvas and can now be found on porcelain.

The Lizzy Vuitton collection has been completed by 2 more decors:

Endless logo: this design features the Endless logo as the central image, combined with the colours and shapes of the Union Jack flag, a nod to the artist's British origins. In the background behind the logo we glimpse the textures of a painted wall, bringing street aesthetics into the design of the piece, in concession to Endless' roots in street art. The rim of the mug sees the fusion of the iconic brand with the artist's logo, referencing Endless' ideas of brand worship, advertising and consumerism in the modern world. The mug links stylistically to Endless' artistic mediums, with the logo wrapping around it as if sprayed with black spray paint and a stencil.

Chapel Blue: this design depicts Endless's iconic Chapel perfume bottle, inspired by the glamorous Chanel No. 5 fragrance - a luxury item recognisable worldwide. Endless' ethos of 'brand worship' comments on how modern society is chained to the lure of luxury and designer goods and 'idolises' these objects as if they were religious artefacts, hence the name 'Chapel'. On the bottle, Endless has placed traditional religious iconography, but with modern fashion icons - Karla Laferfeld and Kate Moss - to simobolise the change in today's worship. The background represents the city streets in which Endless shows his work, and was created from a manipulated photo Endless took while walking around London.

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