Mauro Ferretti

Mauro Ferretti, a highly creative mind and great design enthusiast, founded the eponymous Italian company specialising in the production of designer furniture in 1978. The company's aim is to give emotions through its products: for more than thirty years, Mauro Ferretti has been surprising with uniquely designed furniture and home accessories.


Mauro Ferretti products stand out on the market thanks to their refined design and wide choice of styles, such as industrial, Scandinavian and shabby chic, so as to offer unique, quality furnishing solutions for every type of home and environment. 

In addition to furniture, Mauro Ferretti produces paintings, with natural subjects such as trees and flowers or figurative representations, and clocks enriched with decorative details such as visible gears, Roman numerals and elaborate frames, which add a touch of personality to the room in which they are placed.

But what are the key elements that distinguish a Mauro Ferretti furniture piece from any other design product?

  1. Unique design. The models are conceived by in-house art-designers, who combine Italian know-how with a hint of internationality. This approach allows them to anticipate and influence design trends, creating products that stand out for their originality and innovation.
  2. Design and research. Mauro Ferretti is committed to the continuous improvement of creative and production processes, with the aim of offering increasingly original and competitive articles: this includes the adoption of new technologies and production methods.
  3. Innovation in production systems. Over the years, founder Mauro Ferretti experiments and adopts innovative production and design systems, the result of years of experience in Asian and global markets: this allows the company to create Made in Italy products with an international design.


Mauro Ferretti cares about the environment and is therefore adopting various technologies and practices to reduce the environmental impact of his creations, for example:

Creativity, quality and innovation are the right words to define and describe the Mauro Ferretti company. Choosing Mauro Ferretti means furnishing your home with style and originality: don't miss the opportunity to transform your spaces into corners of elegance and refinement!

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