The importance of mirrors in home furnishing

The mirror, if used strategically and wisely, can be a valuable ornamental ally for any room, giving it features unthinkable at first glance.

The mirror, by its very nature, reflects light, so placing one in a suitable spot in the room will allow much more brightness to develop throughout the room than would be expected simply by opening a window.

The very principle of the mirror is to 'double' the image placed in front of it, this does not only apply to us of course, but to any space it acts upon. It goes without saying that the placement of mirrors in a confined space (such as a small bathroom or a corridor) can literally change the spatial perception of the room, doubling the width of the room.

The mirror not only has a function relating to the space and illumination of a room, but can also, on the basis of design, give a strong note of character where greater visual incisiveness is required. Aesthetic impact is fundamental at first glance, a living area, an entrance hall, or a bathroom with a designer mirror ensures an effective result and, as they say, succeeds in 'furnishing itself'.

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