Napoleon Martinuzzi

Napoleone Martinuzzi collaborates with Venini

Napoleone Martinuzzi trained at the Accedemia of Fine Arts in Venice and became a sculptor, designer and entrepreneur in the glass industry. A favorite of D'Annunzio, from 1917 he executed several works for them. From 1922 to 1932 he directed the Museo Vetrario in Murano, later founding with Paolo Venini and Francesco Zecchin the "Vetri soffiati muranei Venini & C" of which he is artistic director.

After an initial period in which he carried on the artistic concepts of his predecessorVittorio Zecchin, creating beautiful blown-glass pieces, he came to elaborate his own style, deriving from his experience as a sculptor.

In 1923, he left Venini and founded "Zecchin-Martinuzzi artistic glass and mosaics" with Francesco Zecchin, for which he made refined, opaque and pulegose glass of remarkable plastic effect.

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