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Did you know that there is a perfect carpet for every room? Yes, depending on the characteristics of the room you can choose the perfect modern designer carpet to bring a bare room to life.


Choosing a living room carpet is a task that requires attention as you have to evaluate several factors, including size, style, design and material. Here is a detailed guide on how to navigate this choice.



The size of the living room or bedroom carpet is crucial to ensure harmony and proportion in the room. A carpet that is too small can look out of place, while one that is too large can overpower the space. We recommend choosing a carpet that extends at least 50-90 cm beyond the edges of the dining table or bed: it is important to leave a visible floor space around the carpet to avoid a carpet effect. A useful trick to estimate the size is to outline the perimeter of the carpet on the floor with paper tape.


Style and Design

The style of the carpet should complement that of the room in which it will be placed. If the décor is modern, rugs with a minimal design and neutral colours could be considered, whereas for a classic environment, rugs with more intricate and complex patterns might be more suitable. It is also important to consider the colour of the carpet in relation to that of the floor and other furnishings, creating contrast or harmony depending on the desired effect.

Style and Design


The material of the carpet influences its durability, maintenance and comfort. The choice of material can also be influenced by the furnishing style: for example, a pile carpet might be perfect for a Nordic design. Wash+dry by Kleen-Tex carpets are of high quality and easy to clean, and are suitable for people who are allergic or sensitive to dust as they do not disperse it into the air. Do you have pets? No problem, Wash+dry carpets resist abrasion and wear, making them perfect for those with pets in the home.


Remember that the carpet is not only a decorative element, but also contributes to the acoustic and thermal comfort of the room, as well as defining areas and adding a touch of personal style. 


A good quality carpet has many advantages over a cheap carpet, which can positively influence both the aesthetic appearance and functionality of a room. For example:

  • Durability and durability. High-quality carpets are made of durable materials, such as wool, silk or high-quality cotton, which provide greater resistance to wear and tear and deformation than carpets made of synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon. Why is this important? A quality carpet can last for many years, maintaining its appearance and characteristics.
  • Ease of Maintenance. Although high-quality carpets may require a higher initial investment, their maintenance tends to be easier: materials such as wool and cotton are naturally stain and fire resistant, making them easier to clean and safer.
  • Comfort and Thermal Insulation. High-quality carpets offer greater comfort underfoot due to their softness and density. In addition, they often have excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to keep the home warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  • Environmental sustainability. Many quality carpets are made of natural and renewable materials that are not only durable, but also environmentally friendly. Wool, for example, is a renewable resource that is good for the environment, sourced from sheep that are sheared annually without damage.
  • Health and Safety. Quality carpets can help create a healthier environment by trapping dust and allergens that would otherwise be airborne. In addition, they are often designed to be non-slip carpets can reduce the risk of falls, especially in homes with children or the elderly.


Round carpets are a unique design choice that can add an extra touch of personality to the room. The round design carpet is particularly recommended in certain situations and environments, for example:

  • In environments with round furniture. If you have a round dining table or a seating area with furniture that follows curved lines, a round rug can complement and accentuate these shapes, creating a sense of visual coherence.
  • To define areas in open spaces. In large open spaces or open plan environments, a round rug can help define specific areas, such as a reading area or conversation corner, without interrupting the flow of space.
  • In small rooms. In small spaces, a round carpet can give the illusion of more space, as its curved lines can make the room seem less cramped compared to a rectangular or square carpet.

  • To add softness and movement. The round shape of a carpet can add softness to rooms with many right angles and linear furniture, balancing the hard elements with a feeling of movement and fluidity.
  • As a focal point. A round rug with a bold design or colour can serve as a focal point in a room, drawing attention and adding an element of surprise to the room.
  • In hallways or entrances. A round rug can be an attractive choice for wide hallways or entrances, where it can welcome visitors with a touch of warmth and style, differing from traditional rectangular doormats.

A modern, quality carpet is an investment that goes beyond mere aesthetics, enriching our everyday life with comfort, style and functionality. The right choice can transform a room, making it more welcoming and reflecting our personal taste. Choosing the right carpet means creating a space that speaks about us, a place where every detail contributes to building the atmosphere of home.

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