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Vivo Dry V - food dryer


Vivo Dry vertical food dryer

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The Vivo Dry V vertical food dryer è built with quality materials and BPA free plastics. The sleek and compact desgin è is designed for those who do not have a lot of space (although the dryer can also be used in rooms other than the kitchen, such as a basement, garage, etc...). There are 5 trays and they are adjustable in two different positions, so that even larger or thicker pieces can be dried.




Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over €30



Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €




  • length 31.5cm
  • depth 31.5cm
  • height 25cm with low trays or 32cm with high trays

Materials: steel shelland BPA Free plastic trays. All materials are certified for food contact.

Package contents:

  • 1 vertical food dryer
  • 5 food trays
  • 1 transparent lid
  • 1 instruction manual

The product, normally in stock, is usually shipped in about 6 working days by BRT express courier.


What does it mean to dry foods?

Drying means completely removing the part of liquids present inside a food, by means of temperature-controlled ventilationand here comes the help of the desiccator.It is a traditional and natural preservation method, which allows you to buy seasonal vegetables and preserve them for consumption throughout the year.
Therefore, drying is the most natural preservation method possible, which allows for long-term preservation preserving the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties of foods to the fullest.

With this preservation method, the flavors and aromas of foods will also be preserved to the fullest.

How does a dryer work?

The operation of the dryer is very simple:

A heating element generates heat according to the set temperature, which can range from 35°C up to 70°C.This heat is diffused by a fan that generates a constant flow of air, through the various perforated trays.

Unlike natural drying with sunlight, this gentle airflow ensures that drying takes place more quickly and, most importantly, is not affected by the moisture in the air. In addition, the sun's rays alter some of the food's properties, for example, photosensitive vitamins and flavors.

Key Features

Key Features

  • adjustable temperature from 35° to 70°C
  • timer to set the duration according to the type of food you want to dry
  • equipped with 5 26x26 cm trays made of BPA free plastic
  • height adjustable trays
  • efficient and silent vertical ventilation
  • max power 500W
Key Features

Trays adjustable in two positions

The 5 trays of the Vivo Dry V dryer are easily adjustable to two different positions. A simple 180-degree rotation is all it takes and the height can be extended from 2 cm up to 4 cm, thus increasing the possibilities for use on even thicker foods.

Trays adjustable in two positions
Quiet motor and low power consumption

Quiet motor and low power consumption

The Vivo food dryer is equipped with a control unit that works together with sensors to optimize drying and consumption. Based on the set temperature, both the ventilation and the heating element will modulate the right power output to dry quickly and with less wasted energy.

Quiet motor and low power consumption

Space-saving design

This dryer is designed to make maximum use of space. In fact, the unique square design with rounded corners and edges allows for up to 30 percent more loading space than a round dryer that takes up the same amount of space.

In addition, the trays have a central hole to spread ventilation more evenly, allowing each tray to be loaded to its maximum.

Space-saving design
What can I dry?

What can I dry?

Vegetables:any type of vegetable can be dried easily, Ideal therefore for those who grow their own vegetable garden and do not want to waste excess produce that cannot be consumed fresh

Fruits:even orchards ripen quickly making it impossible to consume all fruits, resulting in deterioration and waste of overripe ones. By drying them we will have the opportunity to use 100% of the fruits produced or purchased

Mushrooms (and products available in short periods): dried mushrooms are a specialty that many people do not want to give up, drying them is very easy, and the flavors are even enhanced. As well as mushrooms, it is possible to dry all those typical products that can only be found in limited periods or under certain weather conditions.

Aromatic herbs and flowers: Drying aromatic, medicinal and officinal herbs is a practice that has been happening for thousands of years, So for all lovers of herbal teas and infusions this is a great way to preserve herbs. The flowers also lend themselves very well to use in infusions or to decorate or flavor dishes or desserts.

Meat: Dried meat is not a very common product in Italian culture, but it is still a very good and practical product to use, simply to eat or even by chopping it and using it to flavor or flavor other preparations.

Fish:dried fish is a food mainly used and consumed in Eastern countries, but it is really very tasty and can be used both to flavor fish-based soups and to make tasty appetizers or elaborate preparations.

Fresh pasta:you can easily dry all kinds of simple or even stuffed fresh pasta, bought or homemade.

What can I dry?

Detailed information on use and functions

The Vivo Dry V upright food dryer comes with meticulously designed packaging and an instruction manual full of very useful information. In just a few minutes you will find out how to make the best use of the dryer:

  • what are all the alternative functions of the dryer
  • what types of foods can be used
  • what are the approximate drying times of various foods
  • how to be able to use dried foods
Detailed information on use and functions
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