Vivo Air Fryer 6.5 liters


Vivo Air Fryer 6.5 liter glossy black aira fryer

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Vivo Air Fryer è the new 6.5 liter air fryer that will allow you to cook and in particular fry in a more healthy, dietary and tasty way. Thanks to this tool in fact è you can fry using up to 90% less oil than a traditional fryer, you will also be able to carry out preparations such as grilling or baking, thus making flatbreads, pizzas, pies or even, skewers or roasted meats.

This air fryer è an evolution from the previous version: several quality and functional aspects have been improved by bringing the power to 1700W and expanding the capacity from 3.2 up to 6.5 liters while increasing the external dimensions by a few

Minimal design that fits perfectly in any type of kitchen. Equipped with a beautiful touch screen control panel, operating your fryer has è never been easier.

Revolutionize the way you cook!

Using the air fryer you will be able to make delicious but much lighter and healthier



Equipped with 8 programs






Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €



  • height 34cm
  • width 31cm
  • depth 31cm
  • weight 6kg
  • power 1700W
  • capacityà 6.5 liters
  • cable length 1.5 m
  • warranty 2 years + 2 years extended warranty

The product, normally in stock, is usually shipped in about 6 working days by BRT express courier.

Quality and attention to detail

Quality and attention to detail

  • Stop Smoke: the unpleasant "fried" smell is just a bad memory
  • Efficient: reduced consumption compared to traditional fryers
  • Cooking timer: set the cooking time and when finished, the fryer stops on its own
  • Safe materials: produced without BPA, PTFE nor PFOA
  • -95% fat: cook using very little oil, and if you put too much in it is collected below the food
  • 8 automatic preset programs
Quality and attention to detail

How an air fryer works

Air Fryer literally means air fryer, because as the main heat carrier it uses precisely air. This has countless advantages, starting with temperature control that is done digitally thanks to an integrated heating element that communicates with sensors and the speed of use.

Thanks to a very powerful heating element, heat is generated at the top of the machine, a fan pushes hot air through the food basket, and the special design of the compartment allows perfect circulation and subsequent expulsion from the back.

This technology gives us back a very uniform cooking with a really accurate temperature constancy allowing to achieve incredible cooking results.

These advantages are the fact that the air is the main carrier of the heat

How an air fryer works
Appearance and display

Appearance and display

The Glossy Black finish is elegant and goes well with many types of cooking.

Total capacity brought to 6.5 liters

Measures: 31 x 31 x 34 cm high

The large touch screen display of this air griller, allows easy and intuitive control.

Quickly choose one of 8 predefined programs according to the food you need to cook, or use it in manual mode, choosing the temperature from 80° to 200° C and the cooking time.

In addition, programs can be interrupted, paused, or extended if necessary, simply by adding minutes with the special touch button.

Appearance and display

Vanatggi in using an Air Fryer versus a traditional one

  1. fry using up to 90% less oil
  2. thanks to step 1 you have a great savings on the cost of oil cooking very healthy without sacrificing the taste of fried food
  3. much faster, this fryer in 2-3 minutes is already at temperature to be able to fry saving you time
  4. eliminates the emission of bad smell reducing to just the smell of food with were baked
  5. very easy to use
  6. prevents all the risks that there are in the use of boiling oil
  7. avoids having to store the oil spent and then having to take it to the appropriate disposal centers
  8. can also be used for other types of cooking multiplying the possibilities of use
  9. equipped with automaticida programs to use for the main preparations
  10. can perform oven or grill functions and does so very quickly
Vanatggi in using an Air Fryer versus a traditional one
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