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Vivo's VapoJet è the innovative space-saving instant steamer that will revolutionize the way you cook. Thanks to the micro-steam instant steamer, cooking will be very delicate, even and fast.

Steaming è one of the healthiest types of cooking ever because it works at lower temperatures than cooking in a frying pan, grill or oven. It best preserves the colors and taste of foods, while also preserving a greater amount of vitamins and minerals. It also allows cooking without added fat and eliminates much of the fat in foods, making them lighter and more digestible.

Why is the electric steamer è better than other steamers?"

  • immediate steaming saves considerable time sinceè with other tools è it is necessary to wait for the water to reach evaporation temperature
  • more uniformityà in cooking
  • lower energy and water consumption
  • timer to set the desired cooking time
  • greater food loading capacity
  • greater safety






Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €



Technical features:

  • 1500W power
  • total capacity 11 liters
  • 4 safety levels with sensor that stops steam if the lid is solelvated
  • cooking timer from 0 to 60 minutes


  • outer body made of platisca
  • tray at base made of food grade 403 stainless steel
  • Lid and top tray made of BPA free plastic


  • open: height 43 cm - width 30 cm - depth 47 cm
  • closed: height 48 cm - width 30 cm - depth 8 cm

The product, normally in stock, is usually shipped in about 6 working days by BRT express courier.

What it means to steam!

What it means to steam!

Steaming is a technique that has its origins in Eastern culture, is considered one of the healthiest cooking methods in the kitchen, and is done through the principle of convention.

Steaming means transmitting a sufficient amount of heat to the food through a medium, in this case steam, which completely envelops the food, cooking it gently and evenly.

What it means to steam!

What can I steam?

Steaming is truly versatile and allows you to cook almost any kind of food.

Many kinds of vegetables, fish, white meats, eggs, and even, as Chinese cuisine teaches, dumplings and other varieties of stuffed pasta.

What can I steam?
Size matters!

Size matters!

The Vivo VapoJet steamer was designed with the very ambitious goal of having a large capacity and taking up as little space as possible. In fact, this steamer has a capacity of 11 liters (extendable to 15 liters), but when closed on the top it occupies only 8 cm in depth, allowing us to keep it safely on the kitchen floor on the wall or next to refrigerator columns or other appliances.

Size matters!

What are the advantages of Vivo Vapo Jet over other electric steamers?

Speed: Thanks to the innovative Vapo Jet technology, steam is delivered about 30 seconds after ignition allowing for minimal wasted time and therefore energy. Most other steamers emit steam between 3 and 7 minutes from ignition.

High Capacity:Vivo Vapo Jet is one of the largest steamers on the market with as much as 11 liters of maximum capacity on two levels, 6 liters for the bottom and 5 liters for the top.

Micro Steam:Vapo Jet p steam is called micro-steam because it is emitted in smaller particles than the normal steam emitted by boiling water. This allows greater penetration into the food, greater uniformity and gentleness in cooking.

Space-Saving:This steamer is designed to fit on the kitchen countertop at all times while taking up as little space as possible. In fact, when closed it has a depth of only 8 cm, even the trays and lid when stacked take up as little space as possible.

What are the advantages of Vivo Vapo Jet over other electric steamers?
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