The Holy Family in stoneware

Porcelain figurine Nao

Everything for your special events: Christmas
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Gersdecorated statuette by hand by the expert hands of Nao aritsts.

Designer Rafael Lozano

Dimensions: 37x 22 cm




Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over €30



Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €



It takes skilled hands to translate life moments into the beautiful figures that make up the Nao collection. Nao Porcelains are produced by veteran artisans in the company's local workshops near Valencia.

It all starts with an original design inspired by life itself.... Nao artisans transform the initial sketch into a clay figurine by imprinting their personal touch on the characters, distilling charm and expressiveness. The technical team studies the sketch and divides it into fragments for the creation of the molds that are filled with liquid porcelain, subsequently the fragments are assembled using liquid porcelain. The statuettes are hand-painted by specialized aritsts before firing, which takes 24 hours in a special kiln.

The statuettes are ready to win the hearts of thousands of people around the world!

The product is generally shipped within 7 working days.Due to the special processing required for handcrafted productiondelivery time is to be confirmed for each individual product.

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