Pastaio - pasta machine with 11 dies


Homemade pasta and dough making machine with 11 dies - Pasta Maker

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Pastaio is the pasta machine with compact and elegant design, new version 2024

The glossy white body and satin steel finish make it modern and compatible with any type of kitchen.

Making pasta or doughs with this machine is a pleasure, as you don't dirty other tools nor the worktop and cleaning è very easy and takes very few minutes.


  • in just a few minutes makes fresh pasta with the desired ingredients
  • great for those who need to eat gluten-free
  • perfect for food lovers who want to give an extra kick to their pasta dishes
  • easily creates flavored and colorful doughs
  • allows you to have control over the quality of flours and ingredients used
  • also useful for making doughs for bread , pizza or other baked goods
  • intuitive and fast in use
  • easy also to clean






Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €



Why choose this pasta machine?

  • one of the machines with the highest production capacity: 800 gr per cycle (600 gr flour)
  • powerful and quiet motor
  • 10 dies and 1 ravioli moldincludedto make up to 15 different types of pasta
  • compatible with bronze letrafile
  • resistant and BPA-free Tritan container and lid
  • safety sensor on lid and temperature sensor prevent accidental injury and motor damage
  • automatic calculation function of liquids needed for dough (dough only)
  • Up to 3-year motor warranty
  • recipes for creative doughs included in the manual
  • Express service Italy


  • height 28 cm
  • width 18 cm
  • power 180 W

The product, normally in stock, is usually shipped in about 6 working days by BRT express courier.

Package contents:

  • complete pasta machine
  • plastic knife for cutting
  • brush for cleaning
  • graduated container for liquids
  • 7 vertical extrusion dies
  • 4 horizontal extrusion dies
  • 1 auger + horizontal extrusion ferrule
  • instruction manual with recipes for various types of dough for pasta, flavored dough and pizza

The pasta and dough machine

The "Pasta Maker" by definition is the one who performs the operations necessary to create pasta or doughs.

Pastaio also is the play on words between PASTA and IO. That is, MY Pasta, the Pasta that I have created with the ingredients I have chosen according to my tastes or needs.

Pastaio allows everyone to unleash their creativity, making the preparation of one of the cornerstones of Italian cuisine, namely a good dish of Pasta, quick and easy.

The pasta and dough machine
Pasta machine, what are the advantages?

Pasta machine, what are the advantages?

  • In just a few minutes, it produces Fresh Pasta with the desired ingredients
  • Great for those on a Gluten-Free diet
  • Perfect for cooking enthusiasts who want to give their pasta dishes an extra kick
  • Easily makes flavored and colorful doughs
  • Provides control over the quality of flours and ingredients used
  • Very convenient also for producing doughs for Bread, pizza, Schiacciata or other baked goods
  • Intuitive and quick to use, also very easy to clean
  • Consuming Fresh pasta ensures a higher nutritional intake, as in dry pasta a lot of properties are lost due to processing for storage
Pasta machine, what are the advantages?

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