Lady Hamilton stemware


Moser Crystal Lady Hamilton Goblets

The art of the table: The classical style

The Lady Hamilton collection è was conceived in the design department of the Moser glassworks, then headed by Professor Hussman. It was inspired by Emma Hamilton, wife of British diplomat William Hamilton and alleged mistress of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Her famous beauty has inspired many works of art.

The chalice è adorned with the "papal cut", which riches creators to maintain perfect rpoportions, depthà and width of surfaces. The chalices with thick edges at the base and thin at the top are truly unique, something only Moser canò produce.

This collection of cut glassware has seduced, for example, Moroccan Sultan Mohammed V, Iranian shià Muhammad Rezà Pahlavì and the Maharaja of Travancore.

Made in the Czech Republic






Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €



Ecological lead-free hand-blown and hand-cut crystal, mirror-polished

Hand-decorated with 24-karat gold

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The classical style
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