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Vegetalia Wok


Non-stick wok made in Italy, Giannini

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The Wok è a frying pan that is taller than standard frying pans, hemispherical and has a comfortable handle, è of oriental origin.

Today it è spread all over the world and is used in homes, restaurants even by great chefs.

The Wok pan è one of the most valuable pans that are on the market with excellent value for money

The Wok è suitable for all types of cooking with better results, in some cases, than you can get with late pans: frying è crispier, you can make sauces and condiments for pasta, you can make great risottos and you can cook meat and fish without problems. Great for cooking vegetables and white meat.

Diameter 28cm




Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over €30



Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over 35 €



Technical features:

  • 6 long-lasting layers: Ollia-Tech HT coating, water-based intermediate coating, anchor layer for high wear resistance, aluminum base with high thermal conductivity, water-based double outer coating (stain-resistant and high temperature resistant), stainless steel bottom suitable for all cooktops
  • product made of aluminum , coined body with 4.5 mm thickness
  • suitable for all cooktops, induction and traditional oven included
  • ergonomic handles and knob made of 18/10 stainless steel
  • natural cooking with no added fat
  • water-based intermediate coating

When in stock, the product is generally shipped within 1-2 business days via BRT express courier.

For preorders (products that are not in stock, but still can be ordered on the website), shipping time is approximately15 business days

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