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Colonna nonstick steak pan

Emporio Zani

Colonna nonstick steak pan, Emporio Zani

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The steak pan, despite its name, è also suitable for cooking meat as well as fish and vegetables.In the case of meat è always better to preheat the steak pan before using it.

Also excellent for making toast or bruchette.

For those who want to enjoy vegetables without losing their nutritional qualities and freshness during cooking we recommend: zucchini, eggplant, peppers, artichokes, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions,.... (Vegetables should be cut into slices or halves;)

Choose a steak pan with a wavy bottom, those don anti-stick bottom are easier to clean with the advantage of less weight and thus better handling.

The steak pan helps you replicate the experience of grilling outdoors.

Before placing the ingredients in the grill pan, grease them carefully with the help of a kitchen brush or your hands, especially vegetables that do not contain their own fat. By anointing the foods we ensure that they do not stick to the metal and prevent the oil from burning on the bottom of the steak pan. Each oil has a different putno of smoke (maximum temperature before iniare to burn). For this type of cooking è it is better to use one with a high smoke putno since the heat will be very intense: for example, arichidi or corn oil.

Size 28 x 28 cm




Payment in 3 installments without interest for orders over €30



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General features:

  • Forged aluminum
  • PFOA free
  • Nickel free
  • Soft Touch handles and knob
  • tempered glass lid with silicone ring
  • non-stick coating Xylan by PPG
  • compatible with all hobs: gas, electric hotplate, glass ceramic and induction


  1. Before using the casserole for the first time, wash it by hand with warm water and dish detergent. Wipe it dry and spread a coat of oil on the bottom, repeating this step every so often.
  2. Do not cut food inside. Recommended not to use metal utensils, preferring to use wooden kitchen utensils made of wood, plastic or silicone.
  3. The nonstick pans are easily washed using a liquid detergent and a simple sponge. Avoid the use of abrasive utensils, scouring sponges, dabs or wire brushes.
  4. never heat the empty pan, use a heat source of a size that matches that of the bottom of the utensil, è a moderate flame is always sufficient
  5. let the tool cool down before cleaning it, temperature changes can deform the bottom.
  6. Storage the utensil carefully to preserve the nonstick coating.

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